Midnight Picnic—Chandelier Family


The project reanimated the forgotten chandelier from the artist's family house with wild imagination and a sense of mischievous humour.

‘The old chandelier (Centre-Bowl, Glass, Chandelier, CBG) in Moon Eyebrow's ancestral home has been the pillar of support for his descendants for decades, playing the role of the patriarch in the family. As time passes, the lampshades each meet new companions, and together they form a new appearance. In this exclusive interview, the reporter delves into the private picnic gathering of the family members, a rare glimpse into the true nature of the usually low-key members of the family.’

「月眉老家的吊燈 (Centre-Bowl, Glass, Chandelier. CBG),以堅韌的精神,幾十年來支持著後代,在家族中扮演著大家長。隨著時光流轉,燈罩們各自與新的夥伴相遇,相伴結合成一個新的樣貌。記者本次獨家採訪到平時鮮少對外談論家族內幕的CBG,並且帶領各位讀者潛入家族私人野餐聚會,一探平時低調的家族成員們私下的真面目。」