This photography album documents the growth of both the girl and the clothes that accompanied her during her early youth.
It raises questions about our consumerist society and the environmental damage caused by mass production in the fast-fashion industry.
The artist revisited the locations where the photos were taken four years ago. In a "next phase" of herself, she wore the "same" clothes but transformed them to reflect her current characteristics. This was done to capture the possibility of living with minimal material possessions, with the intention of cherishing what we consume.

‘From the clothes closest to me, four years ago and four years later, I have undergone some changes in aesthetics or lifestyle. The clothes I used to love are now gathering dust in the closet, unable to be worn outside. Although I couldn't bear to throw them away, I started to have conversations with my old clothes based on my current situation. Through additions, reductions, or conceptual reconstructions, we both grew together. Despite being unconventional, we continue to develop a sense of beauty that is unique to me.’